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Michelle Eissler


I think most artists would agree that it takes a while to really find out who you are as an artist and what path you want to take visually to be your own self.

I found myself eventually moving away from preconceived ideas, sketches and drawings and composition to keeping my thought process on the canvas. I create a overlaying of loose colour and line to consider and from this comes my images and composition. It seems the most natural way to work for me - I have never been a planner. This process seems to echo how I approach life, and how I feel we all take what is before us and decipher and interpret to make the most sense out of what we have.

Like a child looking at the clouds for unicorns or watching the rain on a window, we see patterns, we see form. We process information every day, more information than our brains can handle and prioritize what we see. We interpret what is happening, or what is about to happen, and we create our own realities. As I work on my canvas and map out images and lines, I am creating a narrative for myself that the next viewer may, or may not, ultimately see.